The best literature forum on the internet

Believe me, I did never see anything like this before! This literature forum website has got my attention instantly as soon as I landed. Dedicated forums to various sections of literature by timeline and then by the abstract division and many people, in fact, literary enthusiasts talking about those aspects and sharing their opinions and the experts sharing their opinions as well… you just cannot ignore this one if you are into studying or teaching English literature. The link is here: Literature Forum  Continue reading “The best literature forum on the internet”


Book Club you need to join!

You all know by now that I am an explorer by nature and I keep discovering the websites for readers, writers and those who have a keen interest in the art of reading and writing. For all those, today I have discovered something really new and noteworthy and something which is really useful for the lovers of books, literature and the art of writing and reading. I am talking about an online book club in India – India Book Club.  Continue reading “Book Club you need to join!”

Where to read quality author interviews?

So many times people have asked me that where can they read quality author interviews. I have tried finding so many places on the internet and most of the times, it leads me to some newspaper and other websites which are literary in the content. However, author interviews are not their prerogative but rather a subordinate part of those websites. So, is there any place where you can read interviews with the authors and that content should be the major part of the website? Yes, there is and it is none other but Author InterviewsContinue reading “Where to read quality author interviews?”

Who are the best book bloggers in India?

Well, the question of book bloggers in India entices me as well because I am also a book blogger by all the means! Just the problem with my blog is that I am a book reader who does not have a branded website ending with a .com or .in or .net extension and the bloggers who are in demand have that extension to their blogs. So, today, I will list my 5 favourite book bloggers who are constantly providing good and quality book reviews to the readers they have. Without wasting any more minutes, let’s get to the list of 5 best book bloggers in India right now:  Continue reading “Who are the best book bloggers in India?”

How to get free books in India?

Are you a reader who is wondering whether an Indian can get free books in India or not? If yes, you have come to the right channel which will guide you to get the free paperback and hardcover copies of many fiction and non-fiction books in India. We have recently discovered a platform which offers free books to the serious readers in India and that is absolutely free! You don’t need to give your card details; you don’t need to give your private details; you don’t even need to register. You just need to get in touch with someone and you will be added to a group on WhatsApp and then you can start getting free books that you like.  Continue reading “How to get free books in India?”

A new beginning – book lovers from India

Dear friends, how are you? I have been reading as well as exploring and finally found something worthy to be shared with all of you. Indian Book Lovers is an upcoming book review website which is being set up by a group of enthusiastic readers who are ready to storm into the book readers’ community! A group of people who read a lot and also keep an eye on the happenings in the literary and bookish community. As I have gathered by talking to some of them and from my own understanding of their plan, these guys on Indian Book Lovers will share their book reviews with the readers through their website as well as express their opinions on various issues like reading habits and all.  Continue reading “A new beginning – book lovers from India”

What do I follow for book reviews?

There are the people who might be following my WordPress website for their book reviews update. However, for my updates, I do follow some of the leading book review platforms in India. These websites keep me updated about the latest happenings in the book world and among the reading fraternity. Today, I will tell about some of my favourite book review websites.  Continue reading “What do I follow for book reviews?”

The Elephant Chaser Daughter by Shilpa Raj – Next book to read!

Are you gearing up to read something? I am getting ready for a sensational debut book by a young lady who happens to belong to the community of people who had been kept bereaved of the facilities that we otherwise have. The book’s title is quite catchy and at the same time thought evoking – The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter. The author of this work, which is a memoir, is Shilpa Raj. A 23-year-old lady who has completed her M.Sc. in Psychological Counselling. Before I read the book, it was my urge to know more about the book and the author and surprisingly, I could find very emotional as well as hard facts about Shilpa… she had the past which was filled with misery and hopelessness before she found herself in Shanti Bhavan, a school for many children like her. Continue reading “The Elephant Chaser Daughter by Shilpa Raj – Next book to read!”

Social Samaj offers opportunities for book bloggers

Social Media has become a medium for instant fame and success not only for industries but also for the individuals who seek such desire. And one element which has made this thing possible is known these days as social media influencer marketing. This is a unique way of marketing because a few among the masses are promoting something or someone and people can easily trust them because they are no other than common individuals who are from within the very circle the target audience is… thus, isn’t influencer marketing the best way to promote things these days? And this form of promotions can easily work for a motor company, a mobile company, an author, book promotion and publicity and so on… Let’s know other details of this method of promotion. Continue reading “Social Samaj offers opportunities for book bloggers”