Books for IAS – GS & Prelims – on request

Some of my readers, who happen to be IAS aspirants as well, requested me to recommend a few books which could make their lives easy while sitting in the GS and Prelims examinations for IAS. Well, I am doing the same today. However, let me make it very clear that IAS isn’t that difficult as well as not that easy. It’s all about the fine balance that you have to establish in order to make it happen. So, are you ready for the fine-tuning of your preparations? Here are my favourite picks for GS and Prelims preparation of UPSC:  Continue reading “Books for IAS – GS & Prelims – on request”


The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter | Book Review

The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter is the debut book by author Shilpa Raj who has been in the constant focus after the launch of the book on 28th of July 2017. Shilpa has been invited by different institutions to deliver a talk on her book and tell the audience about the issues she has raised in her memoir. So far, the book has been a success for Shilpa’s writing career debut and she must be feeling inspired to come up with more works like this which focus on the vicious side which we constantly ignore. Today, I will review The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter for my readers and also provide the link from where you can purchase the book. And be clear about it, Shilpa’s book is far more serious than a book is supposed to be by some debut author. The issues she has raised are grave and a civil society must look into those. Continue reading “The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter | Book Review”

The Elephant Chaser Daughter by Shilpa Raj – Next book to read!

Are you gearing up to read something? I am getting ready for a sensational debut book by a young lady who happens to belong to the community of people who had been kept bereaved of the facilities that we otherwise have. The book’s title is quite catchy and at the same time thought evoking – The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter. The author of this work, which is a memoir, is Shilpa Raj. A 23-year-old lady who has completed her M.Sc. in Psychological Counselling. Before I read the book, it was my urge to know more about the book and the author and surprisingly, I could find very emotional as well as hard facts about Shilpa… she had the past which was filled with misery and hopelessness before she found herself in Shanti Bhavan, a school for many children like her. Continue reading “The Elephant Chaser Daughter by Shilpa Raj – Next book to read!”