Promoting Your Books – is it easy?

Well, there can be diverse opinions on this. People might feel that it’s rather too easy and some might feel that it’s too tough. However, do we have a consensus on that? I think now. Book promotions have come into the trend all of a sudden because there are many people who think to be authors in a flash and some have made it happen as well. Gone are the days when someone wrote a book and became famous on its own. Those days, there were fewer writers; these days, there are many writers. Among those many, one has to establish himself or herself and then only people give the chosen ones ‘preference’ over others and read their books. So, getting that preference is the thing that should be achieved by all the efforts of book promotion.  Continue reading “Promoting Your Books – is it easy?”


Why Books need Marketing to reach the Market

So, what’s the big deal that caught my fingers pressing the keyboards on my laptop tonight? I will tell you all because I have been in this for years. Book market is a market which I know ins and outs and I have been working with the authors and publishers in the field of book marketing and author branding. You need to understand the nuances and then you can easily target the nuisances and get rid of all that you think is obstacles. And a reality which you must know is if you want to sell your books, you need to market them, by yourself or by some good book promotions agency.  Continue reading “Why Books need Marketing to reach the Market”

A New Book Promotions Company – BookBoys


Dear readers, we have some great information for you. Not only readers, the authors and publishers can also take a look at this because we are breaking something very amazing. We have witnessed the launch of BookBoys PR Company for authors and publishers. The owners of Clean Content Company have launched this venture in the book promotions industry this Tuesday. This PR firm promises to deliver best in the class services to authors and make their books as well as themselves famous over the web. Their website seems a fresh dot and their services, loaded with some genuine strategy, seem just near perfect! You can also take a look at the same. BookBoys PR Company Continue reading “A New Book Promotions Company – BookBoys”