Sikkim in My Love Story – Book Review

Sikkim in My Love Story

Sikkim in My Love Story is a collection of 9 wonderful short stories by an author from Sikkim, Narsing Nirzat. The book is voluminous because the short stories aren’t that short… each short story takes 34 exact pages to finish and at the end, you will also find the details of each of the short stories – from where they have been taken, on what realism they are based and what is the story behind those short stories. To conclude the introductory paragraph, Sikkim in My Love Story is a collection which brings out Sikkim and everything about Sikkim to the readers from other parts of India who want to know and learn about Sikkim’s beauty, culture, traditions and the legacy…  Continue reading “Sikkim in My Love Story – Book Review”


Books for IAS – GS & Prelims – on request

Some of my readers, who happen to be IAS aspirants as well, requested me to recommend a few books which could make their lives easy while sitting in the GS and Prelims examinations for IAS. Well, I am doing the same today. However, let me make it very clear that IAS isn’t that difficult as well as not that easy. It’s all about the fine balance that you have to establish in order to make it happen. So, are you ready for the fine-tuning of your preparations? Here are my favourite picks for GS and Prelims preparation of UPSC:  Continue reading “Books for IAS – GS & Prelims – on request”

A Dowryless Wedding by Merlin Franco – Book Review

A Dowryless Wedding is no lesser than a social document if a work on dowry is considered to be a mirror of a society we live in. This novel, a debut by the author, is highly contagious and it might harm you be picking your pocket with the important time that you have for your work, reserved, in a day. It might spread laughter and spread humour too… so, my advice to all the readers in my league would be reading this book as soon as possible and then letting it rest in the backyard of your library!  Continue reading “A Dowryless Wedding by Merlin Franco – Book Review”