Making a Poem by Vihang Naik – book review

I love reading poetry and it must not be a truth so layered to be discovered by my readers by now. However, I do have a taste for poetry and before tasting, I do have a test for poetry that I read. Most of the times, you will find me engaging with the poems of Victorians because there I find the philosophy which is weird and other times, you will see taking up a fight with the Romantics because they have that audacity which I want to see in the poets. Shakespeare and Milton are on other levels and so, they find my reading desk opening its arm wide open… in the modern poets, from India and otherwise, I do love to see uniqueness which I find sometimes and get disappointed other times. Today, I am going to talk about a poet I have recently read – Vihang Naik. His collection of poetry, Making a Poem, I just finished a few days ago and I will write about the same here. Continue reading “Making a Poem by Vihang Naik – book review”


The Gunpowder Prince by Michael Archer – Book Review

Well, let me say at the outset that this is a war book which documents the role of a brave and clever war-hero, Captain Mirza Munir Baig who led the American Marine Corps into the deadly Vietnam War (the Khe Sanh Seige) and led them to victory when every hope was almost lost and the lives of many soldiers were at direct risk. The author of this book, The Gunpowder Prince, Michael Archer was himself present at the war as a radio operator and he had the chance to work with Captain Baig and observe his style and tactics of the war. He recounts his days at Vietnam war and this book is a testimony to the skills of a hero who lost his glory with the time.  Continue reading “The Gunpowder Prince by Michael Archer – Book Review”

Book Club you need to join!

You all know by now that I am an explorer by nature and I keep discovering the websites for readers, writers and those who have a keen interest in the art of reading and writing. For all those, today I have discovered something really new and noteworthy and something which is really useful for the lovers of books, literature and the art of writing and reading. I am talking about an online book club in India – India Book Club.  Continue reading “Book Club you need to join!”