I read something weird! Really weird…

Well, how many of you love reading weird short stories? The short stories which are really creepy and take over you rather badly… While hunting for modern but weird short stories, I read some of the real ones. While Anton Chekhov and Saki are the classic masters, I found something really weird by some modern Indian authors as well. Among them, I would really love to mention the website of Alok Mishra, poet and author, on which I read two of the weirdest short stories which were really that high.  Continue reading “I read something weird! Really weird…”


Where to read quality author interviews?

So many times people have asked me that where can they read quality author interviews. I have tried finding so many places on the internet and most of the times, it leads me to some newspaper and other websites which are literary in the content. However, author interviews are not their prerogative but rather a subordinate part of those websites. So, is there any place where you can read interviews with the authors and that content should be the major part of the website? Yes, there is and it is none other but Author InterviewsContinue reading “Where to read quality author interviews?”

Promoting Your Books – is it easy?

Well, there can be diverse opinions on this. People might feel that it’s rather too easy and some might feel that it’s too tough. However, do we have a consensus on that? I think now. Book promotions have come into the trend all of a sudden because there are many people who think to be authors in a flash and some have made it happen as well. Gone are the days when someone wrote a book and became famous on its own. Those days, there were fewer writers; these days, there are many writers. Among those many, one has to establish himself or herself and then only people give the chosen ones ‘preference’ over others and read their books. So, getting that preference is the thing that should be achieved by all the efforts of book promotion.  Continue reading “Promoting Your Books – is it easy?”