Wonder Why? A poem

I wonder why I am
what I am.

I wonder why you are
what you are.

I wonder why some things
are close.
I wonder why somethings
are far.

I wonder why Gods are Gods
I wonder why evil is evil.

I wonder why
I wonder at all.



Who are the best book bloggers in India?

Well, the question of book bloggers in India entices me as well because I am also a book blogger by all the means! Just the problem with my blog is that I am a book reader who does not have a branded website ending with a .com or .in or .net extension and the bloggers who are in demand have that extension to their blogs. So, today, I will list my 5 favourite book bloggers who are constantly providing good and quality book reviews to the readers they have. Without wasting any more minutes, let’s get to the list of 5 best book bloggers in India right now:  Continue reading “Who are the best book bloggers in India?”