How to get free books in India?

Are you a reader who is wondering whether an Indian can get free books in India or not? If yes, you have come to the right channel which will guide you to get the free paperback and hardcover copies of many fiction and non-fiction books in India. We have recently discovered a platform which offers free books to the serious readers in India and that is absolutely free! You don’t need to give your card details; you don’t need to give your private details; you don’t even need to register. You just need to get in touch with someone and you will be added to a group on WhatsApp and then you can start getting free books that you like.  Continue reading “How to get free books in India?”


American Maharajah by Mark Stephen Levy – Review

I have been reading quite different stuff for sometimes and for a change, I decided to read this fiction, American Maharajah, by Mark. I have heard much about this book from different persons and read some reviews on different websites. I was anticipating a good story and a mature plot and I got it as well. However, there were some corners which were not illumined as were the other corners of the book and my review will clear the air.  Continue reading “American Maharajah by Mark Stephen Levy – Review”