Readings and Ramblings

What have we made of this world? Seems so clearly that we have corrupted it and did not stop only there; we moved on of the things and kept corrupting it as ever until we made our heavens regret – Hiroshima, Pearl Harbour, WW1, WW2, slavery, independence, politics, propaganda… so many names are there which can be called destruction safely and none of us should have any problems with that because we deserve to be called out! So many times, in so many books, so many authors have vented out their frustration about the worsening situation in the world and on some occasions, they have even warned us of the coming dangers – like always we do to the good advice, we shrouded ourselves with immunity and left unaffected. Books, truly, are the best companions a person can have. Do we really enjoy their company? Or we just flirt with them at times? The question is worthy to be posed because had we been enjoying the company of books, we could have been human beings!

I have been reading books about the degeneration of humanity in the recent days. Believe me, the world does not seem very good when I read the words written in those books – we have been acting like enemies to each other – brothers and the philosophy that once Vivekananda taught us have been forgotten long ago and we are ourselves to be blamed for that – no one else!

Eliot cried on the best of his voice but we did not care about the world war 1 and lo – we had another world war years later. Likewise, when Arnold told us that the Sea is unusually calm, we mistook it just for poetry while it was nothing lesser than the warning message to us all… many authors, on many occasions in many books, have tried to warn us of the upcoming dangers because of our actions but we just enjoy the books – we do not read them to get the message. And this is, just so sad!