Reading Sports Biographies and Autobiographies

Readers don’t want any excuses when it comes to reading books! I am also one of those readers who just read anything when doing nothing and recently, I had the opportunity of reading a number of sports biographies and autobiographies. I came across the books by and on many sportspersons including Sachin, Pele, Flintoff, Gerrard, Beckham, Kevin Pieterson and many others. And let me tell you, reading those books has given me deep insights into the lives of those iconic personalities of the sports.  Continue reading “Reading Sports Biographies and Autobiographies”


The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter | Book Review

The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter is the debut book by author Shilpa Raj who has been in the constant focus after the launch of the book on 28th of July 2017. Shilpa has been invited by different institutions to deliver a talk on her book and tell the audience about the issues she has raised in her memoir. So far, the book has been a success for Shilpa’s writing career debut and she must be feeling inspired to come up with more works like this which focus on the vicious side which we constantly ignore. Today, I will review The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter for my readers and also provide the link from where you can purchase the book. And be clear about it, Shilpa’s book is far more serious than a book is supposed to be by some debut author. The issues she has raised are grave and a civil society must look into those. Continue reading “The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter | Book Review”

Books are never old!

Dear readers, hope you all had a good weekend. Today, I will share my personal experience with you. It’s about a week ago that I had this amazing experience. I was in a library I used to go in childhood. Of course, the choice of books and magazines changes with the age and mental growth. However, the reading tendency remains the same and we must know it. In childhood, I used to read the books by Lewis Caroll because they reflected more childish joys and adventures than anything at that time. When I had to read the same book during my graduation, the perspective changed and when I had to write a paper on the same book once again during my post graduation, the perspective changed dramatically!  Continue reading “Books are never old!”

Why Books need Marketing to reach the Market

So, what’s the big deal that caught my fingers pressing the keyboards on my laptop tonight? I will tell you all because I have been in this for years. Book market is a market which I know ins and outs and I have been working with the authors and publishers in the field of book marketing and author branding. You need to understand the nuances and then you can easily target the nuisances and get rid of all that you think is obstacles. And a reality which you must know is if you want to sell your books, you need to market them, by yourself or by some good book promotions agency.  Continue reading “Why Books need Marketing to reach the Market”

Indian Culture and Literature by Ajay Mishra

Indian Culture and Literature by Ajay Mishra is a book which tells the readers about the glorious past that our nation has enjoyed. This 224 page book documents the culture and literature of our country across the length and width of our physical geography. It talks about the literature in Assamese language and also talks about the literature in the Maithili language. Sufi literature, Punjabi literature, Indian literature in foreign languages, Bengali, Tamil and Telugu and so on… Ajay Mishra has talked about the literature in different Indan languages and has tracked the progress (briefly) to the modern times.

Indian Literature and Culture

Continue reading “Indian Culture and Literature by Ajay Mishra”