Prabhat Ranjan: Author of With You; Without You

Prabhat Ranjan author

Hello, dear readers! This is the time I must introduce to you an author from Patna, Bihar, who is ready to rise to the heights of fiction writing. Meet Prabhat Ranjan, the author of upcoming love-triangle fiction in Hindi – With You; Without you. Prabhat’s writing is being praised by the book critics and readers in general who are getting to read his pre-launch manuscript. Prabhat’s writing style is original, not influenced by any other writer in the league and his theme choice is also praiseworthy. The blurb on the novel’s cover reads the following:

रमी के लिए निशिन्द दोस्त है तो आदित्य प्यार,
लेकिन निशिन्द के लिए रमी दोस्त भी है और प्यार भी।
रश्मि देसाई के लिए आदित्य दोस्त है तो निशिन्द प्यार,
लेकिन निशिन्द के लिए रश्मि देसाई सिर्फ दोस्त है।

जीवन के दो भिन्न मोड़ के बीच दोस्ती और प्यार के उलझन को सुलझाती, प्यार वाली दोस्ती और दोस्ती वाला प्यार के बीच के फर्क को समझाती, सच्चे प्यार और सच्ची दोस्ती की परिभाषा गढ़ती, एक दुसरे से जुड़ी दो प्रेम कहानियाँ।

It is clear from the blurb that Prabhat Ranjan is writing about three people indulged in some love triangle which is, on the other hand, something hanging between friendship and love! The general gap between friendship and love is very less and we often see things happening when the persons try to cross that line. Prabhat Ranjan has decided to write about this crucial theme and this idea is praiseworthy! His selection of language for the novel, which is Hindi, is just further complementing his theme because we are close to this language even more than we are to English.

Prabhat Ranjan belongs to a political family. Academically, he is a qualified engineer and works for the Indian government. However, he is planning to quit his job very soon to concentrate on his writing. He wants to be a writer who is known for his human portrayal and characterisation of the human psyche. Prabhat Ranjan has many manuscripts ready and he is planning to publish them gradually. His debut novel will hit the markets very soon and the readers are already in a huddle for the same. You can know more about Prabhat Ranjan on his personal website:

Link to his website: Prabhat Ranjan


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