Shilpa Raj – an author on the rise!

Shilpa Raj author Elephant Chaser's Daughter

Dear readers, you must remember that I have told you about an upcoming book some days ago – The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter. The book will be released some hours from now and with the launch of this memoir, the author Shilpa Raj will have the record of becoming the first ever woman from the untouchables community to write a memoir in India! Her debut work has been praised all over the country and many book reviewers have shown their positive signs to the author for a bright future in writing career. However, most of the readers must not be aware of too much about Shilpa. You can know more about her on her official website, of course. (Link – Shilpa Raj) Nevertheless, I will be telling you something about her life today.¬† Continue reading “Shilpa Raj – an author on the rise!”


Prabhat Ranjan: Author of With You; Without You

Prabhat Ranjan author

Hello, dear readers! This is the time I must introduce to you an author from Patna, Bihar, who is ready to rise to the heights of fiction writing. Meet Prabhat Ranjan, the author of upcoming love-triangle¬†fiction in Hindi – With You; Without you. Prabhat’s writing is being praised by the book critics and readers in general who are getting to read his pre-launch manuscript. Prabhat’s writing style is original, not influenced by any other writer in the league and his theme choice is also praiseworthy. Continue reading “Prabhat Ranjan: Author of With You; Without You”

The Elephant Chaser Daughter by Shilpa Raj – Next book to read!

Are you gearing up to read something? I am getting ready for a sensational debut book by a young lady who happens to belong to the community of people who had been kept bereaved of the facilities that we otherwise have. The book’s title is quite catchy and at the same time thought evoking – The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter. The author of this work, which is a memoir, is Shilpa Raj. A 23-year-old lady who has completed her M.Sc. in Psychological Counselling. Before I read the book, it was my urge to know more about the book and the author and surprisingly, I could find very emotional as well as hard facts about Shilpa… she had the past which was filled with misery and hopelessness before she found herself in Shanti Bhavan, a school for many children like her. Continue reading “The Elephant Chaser Daughter by Shilpa Raj – Next book to read!”

The Guide by R K Narayan

I have recently finished this book once again. It was the last time when I was pursuing my graduation that I have read this book. However, that was rather a study than a read per se. I had to study the aspects of the book academically rather than reading the book and extracting things out of that reading personally. The Guide by R. K. Narayan is truly a masterpiece of Indian Literature produced in English. It had the appeal when there was no me; it has the appeal when there is me and it’d have the appeal even then when I won’t be around! Such is the master creation of one of the greatest English novelists of India – R K Narayan.¬† Continue reading “The Guide by R K Narayan”

Social Samaj offers opportunities for book bloggers

Social Media has become a medium for instant fame and success not only for industries but also for the individuals who seek such desire. And one element which has made this thing possible is known these days as social media influencer marketing. This is a unique way of marketing because a few among the masses are promoting something or someone and people can easily trust them because they are no other than common individuals who are from within the very circle the target audience is… thus, isn’t influencer marketing the best way to promote things these days? And this form of promotions can easily work for a motor company, a mobile company, an author, book promotion and publicity and so on… Let’s know other details of this method of promotion. Continue reading “Social Samaj offers opportunities for book bloggers”