Internet and Literature: A marriage

What’s new in the field of literature in India? Well, this question certainly does not include the literature produced in other languages than English and that’s why I would rather rephrase it as – what’s new in the field of English literature in India? With the advert of online medium to promote literature, many new platforms have emerged and many older ones have been shown the way as well! Still, the deadly combination of online and offline platforms is doing very good to the upliftment of literature and literary interest. Continue reading “Internet and Literature: A marriage”


The Good and the Nonsense Literature

Modern novels aren’t as perfect as used to be in the Victorian or even in the early 20th century days. However, we cannot say that the entire writing fraternity has gone berzerk. There are some good authors who are crafting nicely-thought fiction with some sense and thing called ‘plot’. I am saying this because I have been following modern Indian fiction for years now. I have read classics extensively and also critically observed those literary pieces for their excessive(s) and lackings. Continue reading “The Good and the Nonsense Literature”

Why I Read Books?

There might be a dozen explanations if I ask this question to a dozen heads serving as the mental transformer on the bodies of a dozen human beings. And I am sure that every next idea will be different from the previous one because we all think very differently… and this is a good thing; that’s what makes our world so diverse and a chaotic place to live in. But today, I will answer for myself.  Continue reading “Why I Read Books?”